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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is direct digital access?
    Direct Digital Access (DDA) provides links to course materials within CANVAS.

  2. How much does Direct Digital Access cost?
    The cost of your DDA content varies depending on course materials chosen by the instructor for the course. For eTexts, course content is priced about 50-70% less than the average textbook. For courseware, content is about 25% less expensive.

  3. How will I access materials?
    Your instructor will place a RedShelf link in your course module allowing you to obtain access to your course materials.

  4. I’m not a fan of digital textbooks, can I opt out?
    Sure. Opt out within the first ten days of the class. If you choose to opt out, you will not be billed for your digital content, and your access will be turned off. Please note: If you choose to opt out of your digital content, you are responsible for obtaining the required materials on your own. The Bookstore DOES NOT carry physical textbooks for DDA courses.

  5. I have further questions about Direct Digital Access content, who can I contact?
    If you still have questions, please email ddateam@aacc.edu

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eBook FAQ

  1. Can I return eBooks?
    eBooks can be returned within 14 days of purchase if less than 10% of the book has been accessed.

  2. Can I print my eBook?
    Yes, however printing rules and restrictions vary for each book. Make sure you check here.

  3. What software do I need to use my eBook?
    Most eBooks will work with a wifi connection, however, check here to ensure you have everything you need for successful eBook viewing.

  4. Will my eBook expire?
    Some eBooks do allow lifetime access to the edition you purchase, but some books offer only limited access (180 day, 365 day, etc). More information regarding your particular eBook can be found on RedShelf when accessing your eBook.

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