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Textbook Status and Types

Explanation of Textbook Status and Types


Textbooks and other course materials indicated by the faculty as necessary to successfully complete the course.

Choose One

Some items are available in more than one form (hardback vs. paperback, for example). You only need to order one of any set of items marked Choose One. All items marked Choose One are functionally equivalent to each other and contain the same main content. Ancillary content may vary.


Textbooks and other course materials indicated by the faculty to be useful and usually related to the required materials (such as answer keys, study guides and solutions manuals).


Textbooks and other course materials indicated by the faculty as supplemental material that is optional to purchase.


Textbooks and other course materials marked as substitutions are components of the other materials for the course. For example, a textbook comes bundled new with an access code. The access code and textbook itself may be available separately as a substitution to accommodate the purchase of used course materials. Please pay attention to the total costs when shopping for substitutions, as buying a used textbook plus the supplemental materials separately may not always be more cost effective than buying the bundle.


Some textbooks are offered in a rights-managed digital version. They are described with (e-Textbook) in the title. They contain all of the content of the printed textbook.