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8/5/22: We are currently reviewing the price we charge to ship items to customers.  Shipping charges will be increasing before the beginning of the fall semester.  Lock in $9.95 shipping charges by ordering now!  Pay no shipping for pick up in store. 

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Your cash register receipt, course registration form or drop slip and picture ID are required for all refunds.

We offer extended refund deadlines at the start of every term. These dates will appear below when these extended refund dates are in effect. Updated information for summer and fall will be added once the revised academic calendars are final.

For purchases made outside the designated refund periods, full refunds will be given on merchandise returned in original condition within 7 days of purchase.


  • No refunds on textbooks or course materials purchased for single-session courses unless returned prior to the class meeting.
  • For other courses shorter than regular sessions, the refund deadline is 2 days after the first class meeting.
  • Shrink-wrapped items, software, and access codes may be returned only if they are unopened.
  • E-textbooks and rentals may have special refund conditions; these will be disclosed on your receipt.
  • Purchases made by credit card or financial aid voucher will be credited only to the original account.
  • Checks are required to clear before a refund will be issued.
  • Your original receipt, AACC Photo ID and a course schedule/bill or drop slip are required for all refunds or exchanges.

Notice of Limited Liability and General Disclaimer

The AACC Bookstore provides information on course materials used for courses at Anne Arundel Community College, as submitted by the faculty, believed to be correct at the time of publication. However, books and prices may be changed at any time as new information is received from the faculty and our suppliers. The AACC Bookstore will correct errors and allow refunds on books purchased from the AACC Bookstore within published policy limits.

The AACC Bookstore is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by errors in information posted on our site, delays in processing orders, or errors and delays by any third party in the processing or delivery of orders. We are not responsible for damages or correcting errors on books or merchandise not purchased from the AACC Bookstore.

We reserve the right:

  • To limit all course materials transactions to those students enrolled in the course(s) for which the course materials are intended; proof of enrollment may be required.
  • To limit quantities of course materials or merchandise purchased or quantities of course materials returned through refund and buyback transactions
  • To request additional forms of identification beyond what is already required for financial transactions

Contact Our WebSales Team

Contact us anytime with questions or concerns via email at: websales@aacc.edu. You can also contact our web sales customer service department via phone: 410-777-2082.