Student Affordability - Dare to compare!

Student purchasing textbooks

AACC and the bookstore work actively in many ways to save students money on course materials. This has been our focus for 24 years and counting. Read below for the details.

Textbook Discount Program

The AACC Bookstore offers a discount on all textbooks at the beginning of each major term. It started in 1991. The typical discount is 10% for approximately 4 weeks (summer terms have a 1-week discount). In recent semesters, the discount timeline has been extended and the percentage was raised to 15%.

Students have saved well over $2,803,811 to date with this program and save an average of $325,000 or more per year (in recent years).

Textbook Rental Program

Our textbook rental program began in the fall of 2010. It started with approximately 200 titles available per semester and an average of 500 - 700 books rented to students each term, and average savings per title were approximately 50% over purchasing. We redesigned and expanded the program in August of 2013, and it is more favorable and flexible than ever before. We now average 475 - 600 available titles and we rented 2600 books from July - June. Student savings are closer to 60% on average and there are no longer huge non-return penalties or holds placed on student accounts to impede learning outcomes.

E-Textbooks / Digital Textbooks / Jumpbooks

Starting in 2008, we began offering a comprehensive digital textbook campaign via Jumpbooks. On average, there are around 100 titles available as an E-textbook during a typical semester. Offering an array of advantages over printed textbooks, including a 40% - 45% lower price point with only a few drawbacks, they offer a very feasible alternative. Additionally, other types of access codes and E-textbooks are increasing as well, offering another alternative to print along with useful tools for student success.

Textbook Buyback and Swap Programs

We still offer daily book buyback throughout the year and still pay up to 50% of the new textbook price for most types of textbooks. Many stores now only offer buyback a few days a year. We also offer both an electronic and physical swap / classified area for peer-to-peer textbook trading. The physical swap board is located outside the Arnold bookstore in the Student Union. The electronic version is our Textbook Swap feature; you must have an account and be signed in to use the feature.

Affordability and Legislative Advocacy

Affordability Advocacy

Our website contains affordability strategies, guidelines and resources for students and faculty that help both groups make good decisions when choosing their instructional materials. Members of our staff attend regional constituency groups and attend and testify at legislative sessions regarding textbook affordability and related topics.


AACC's Instructional Materials Affordability Committee is comprised of stakeholders from all areas of the college. There is at least one student, one staff member, one member of the faculty and one administrator on the committee when it is in session in order to ensure adequate representation from all views. Their mission is to keep instructional material affordability at the forefront of the college community and work that goal into existing and future policy.

Open Textbook Resources

Several courses currently offered are using open textbooks, including some offered online for free with print copies available for less than $20. AACC is a member of the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources.

AACC Bookstore Mobile Applications

The AACC Bookstore has two smartphone apps, one currently for Android devices and one for iOS. These apps bring almost all of the functionality of our website right to your fingertips on the go, providing you the information you need to make good decisions. Future development will include full shopping and checkout functionality, push messaging, and more!